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Today's "Cart-Before-The-Horse" News

CNN.com: Study links sexual content on TV to teen pregnancy

Hm. Sexual content comes on the screen and hormone levels surge to a paralyzing level, thus incapacitating teens from changing the channel or turning the thing off?! I would have never thought of that.

And who knew that the American television came equipped with a fully-functioning, inseminating penis AND fertile female reproductive system? Shit, if I'd known that, I would have started humping the TV ages ago.

Then again, if U.S. single-parent statistics are to be believed, the TV sticks around much longer and more often than many Bio-Dads.

(Belated) Good Stuff

1. Date Night Buffalo chili, courtesy of Mr. ericbodwell
2. Everything in the world that man does for us to make this thing we've got work
3. BBC News: Legal case against God dismissed
4. Rachel Maddow
5. David Alan Grier's Chocolate News
6. Writing in the latest little notebook (it's got a Breakfast Club theme!)
7. Learning more about Jane Jacobs
8. Vacation day today!
9. Starting my morning with Charles Mingus' Mingus Ah Um
10. Plowing through homework
11. Library trip today
12. Dog-sitting for princessfrida this weekend

Horoscope for Virgo 9908

Your head may be buzzing with activity. Suddenly, it seems like the spotlight has been turned on. Your mind is on stage and your brainpower is being tested. Are you prepared to stand up to the challenge? Whether you are ready or not, it is here.
Remember the importance of individuality. Don't become another typical cookie from the cookie cutter. Be your own person and think for yourself.

Random Word-Phobia

I hate, loathe and despise the term "veggies." I always have. It sounds so gelatinous, so chirpy. Every time I hear someone say that, no matter HOW they say it, I hear it as though it's being uttered by a former high school cheerleader-turned elementary school teacher - that is, saccharine, phony, and a little oppressive.

Really now, why must we communicate like we're still toddlers?

Today's History Lesson

Today is Russia Day. It was on this day in 1990 that the Russian parliament declared sovereignty from the Soviet Union.

Good Stuff Wednesday

1. The Desert Sessions Vols. 9 & 10 (with Josh Homme, PJ Harvey, etc.) for $3.99 in the Hastings Used bin
2. Finding new ways to increase workplace productivity
3. My "Nibbles" Lunch Review about Monte Vista Fire Station's steak salad in the 13 June 08 issue of the VENUE
4. Completing my first book review for the Sunday Journal Books Page*
5. Patti Smith and My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields' live collaborative album/tribute to late photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, The Coral Sea, to be released 11 July 08!
6. Spy vs. Spy on the cover of the latest issue of The Nation
7. Political discussions with ericbodwell the night before I happen to see him at the bus stop
8. Date Night Thursday with ericbodwell !
9. Signing up (and being accepted!) as a potential reviewer for Feminist Review Blogspot
10. Thoughtful and helpful neighbors with wrenches
11. Leonard Cohen's "I Wonder How Many People in this City"**

*Submitted, but backlogged with other waiting reviews until space is available at a future date. Will let y'all know when it's gonna run, though. :)
**Check it out here.Collapse )

Virgo Daily Horoscope: Live To Learn

You will likely move through the various spheres of your life with an attitude of sophistication today, taking pride in the richness of your life experience so far. Yet while you may feel expansive and worldly, there is no doubt much you have not yet seen, heard, or experienced.
You can grant yourself the ultimate gift of wisdom by acknowledging that your full life has the potential to grow even fuller and making the choice today to become an enthusiastic lifelong learner. This can mark an exciting new phase of your life in which you devote a good deal of your attention to learning all you can about the universe.

Happy Birthday, Malcolm.

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